With the launch of Trio Multisport’s first events in 2023, we will be taking on three existing events, all formerly promoted by BuDu Racing. These three events are 1) Mount Rainier Duathlon 2) Bonney Lake Triathlon and 3) Lake Stevens Triathlon.


Lisa is not only a triathlete herself, having finished a half of dozen or so, she previously worked for BuDu. She has worked and volunteered at a number of events.

Lisa and Dave, Summer of 2022

David is a more accomplished triathlete. He competed in his first triathlon in the early 80s and has competed in close to 100 events, of different distances. David has not only helped at the multisport events but during the past few years, his bike building business Mjolnir Cycles has been a sponsor.

One of the important trios.
Future triathlete, Abbie, keeps everyone smiling and busy!